What you (still have not yet) missed at the Presentation Summit

What you (still have not yet) missed at the 2023 Presentation Summit In the afterglow of a profoundly well-received virtual event, recordings of all proceedings available until October 2024 Organizers of Season No. 21 of the Presentation Summit might tell you that it felt like it went on forever. At the same time, the conference […]

What you (have not yet missed) at the 2023 Presentation Summit

What you (have not yet) missed at the 2023 Presentation Summit Here are a few of the many highlights from the Presentation Summit in Monterey that you can still experience, Nov 5-8… The genius of Temple Grandin Mesmerizing her audience with simple but sometimes uncomfortable truths, Dr. Temple Grandin spoke with gravity and urgency about […]

Five Reasons to Attend the Presentation Summit

Five reasons why if you miss this fall’s Presentation Summit, you will suffer major FOMO No. 1: Temple Grandin It’s not every day, every year, or even every decade that one of our keynote speakers has had a major motion picture created about her life, with Claire Danes playing the lead. That’s how compelling Dr. […]

The Summer of Free Summit Passes

What’s better than attending a free webinar? How about winning a $595 pass to a conference while attending a free webinar? If you are hooked into the Training Mag Network, that could be your bragging right this summer. As part of the Presentation Summit’s reboot in Season No. 21, conference organizers are awarding a free virtual pass to the Summit (Nov 5-8) at a dozen different webinars conducted by TMN. This constitutes the most robust giveaway in conference history.

Secrets to Visual Thinking Revealed at the Presentation Summit

The announcement of Temple Grandin’s appearance at the conference has been met with tremendous positive response. Dr. Grandin’s work is groundbreaking, as is her NYT best-selling work “Visual Thinking: The hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions.”

And every person who registers for the conference before Friday, July 7 receives a free copy.

Are You Smarter Than a Kindergartener?

The story I told in 2018 was one of my favorites, because, first off, it was told to me by a good friend who teaches middle school, and second, because it was 100% true although you would never believe it.

Is there Magic in Presentation? Nolan Haims Says Yes

Presentationist and magician blends the two at this year’s Summit The Presentation Summit prides itself on making magic on an annual basis, but not like this. Nolan Haims intends to show how a good presentation is literally like magic. And he should know: Haims spent his formative teen years as a professional magician, performing, touring, […]