Is there Magic in Presentation? Nolan Haims Says Yes

Presentationist and magician blends the two at this year’s Summit The Presentation Summit prides itself on making magic on an annual basis, but not like this. Nolan Haims intends to show how a good presentation is literally like magic. And he should know: Haims spent his formative teen years as a professional magician, performing, touring, […]

Carmen Simon Returns to the Presentation Summit

“The thing about my good friend Carmen?” says Presentation Summit host and organizer Rick Altman. “She is the embodiment of her best-selling book: she is truly impossible to ignore.”

The conference is delighted to announce her triumphant return this year as the Monday morning keynote presenter, Oct 16, live from Monterey CA.

Temple Grandin to Headline the Summit

Renowned autism activist and animal behavior expert revolutionized livestock handling with her visual thinking Among the many firsts to be observed at the 21st running of the Presentation Summit this fall, the most prominent will be the welcoming of Dr. Temple Grandin, a pioneering figure in both the fields of animal behavior and autism advocacy. […]

Does My But Look Too Big Here?

The “but trap” could send to our keisters any of us who write or speak in public. Don’t fall into a but trap. Think “yes and” instead.

Lessons Learned from the 2022 Presentation Summit

If you were to look up epiphany at, it should include the footnote “See Season No. 20 of the Presentation Summit.” In our 20-year history, no event has been more eye-opening than the four days in October over which we staged our hybrid conference.

Sunday is Fun Day

How ironic that my favorite day at the Presentation Summit is the day before it officially begins. The buzz and the energy of Sunday at the Summit is almost magical, as our patrons start to arrive and bring with them an infectious enthusiasm. Everyone is so fresh and full of life and there is an […]

The Presentation Guild’s Coming Out Party

While ruminating over our big promotion this month (every registrant in June gets a free year with the Presentation Guild), I am reminded of the Guild’s coming-out party in 2016. They were the lunchtime sponsor Monday afternoon, and nobody there had really heard of them. I should say “heard of us,” as I was a […]

Dierdre and her Free Soloing Son

I recently watched Free Solo for the fourth time, so obsessed am I with the limits of human achievement and our capacity to face down pressure and risk. The parallels with public speaking are obvious, and that is why I am so looking forward to welcoming to the Presentation Summit Dierdre Wolownick, the mother of Alex Honnold.