Secrets to Visual Thinking Revealed at the Presentation Summit

The announcement of Temple Grandin’s appearance at the conference has been met with tremendous positive response. Dr. Grandin’s work is groundbreaking, as is her NYT best-selling work “Visual Thinking: The hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions.”

And every person who registers for the conference before Friday, July 7 receives a free copy.

Are You Smarter Than a Kindergartener?

The story I told in 2018 was one of my favorites, because, first off, it was told to me by a good friend who teaches middle school, and second, because it was 100% true although you would never believe it.

Carmen Simon Returns to the Presentation Summit

“The thing about my good friend Carmen?” says Presentation Summit host and organizer Rick Altman. “She is the embodiment of her best-selling book: she is truly impossible to ignore.”

The conference is delighted to announce her triumphant return this year as the Monday morning keynote presenter, Oct 16, live from Monterey CA.

What the f— do we do with all this s—??

Public profanity is a new phenomenon and I can’t quite decide if it is a nadir or a zenith. Perhaps it is both, and as such, it has fascinating implications for anyone involved in public presentation.

Lessons Learned from the 2022 Presentation Summit

If you were to look up epiphany at, it should include the footnote “See Season No. 20 of the Presentation Summit.” In our 20-year history, no event has been more eye-opening than the four days in October over which we staged our hybrid conference.

Dierdre and her Free Soloing Son

I recently watched Free Solo for the fourth time, so obsessed am I with the limits of human achievement and our capacity to face down pressure and risk. The parallels with public speaking are obvious, and that is why I am so looking forward to welcoming to the Presentation Summit Dierdre Wolownick, the mother of Alex Honnold.

Dueling Ballrooms

Few moments capture the charm of the Presentation Summit better than the 30 spontaneous seconds that took place one afternoon in 2017. When good friends Mike Parkinson and Nolan Haims found themselves next to one another leading concurrent seminars, a delightful game of one-upmanship took place. Watch…

The Summit’s First Virtual Performance

Long before Covid, the Presentation Summit dabbled in virtual, as one of our industry’s most prominent spokespeople, Garry Reynolds, lives in Japan.

It was 2010 and we rigged up Skype and the best camera and microphone we could find. It was pretty cool at the time, but now it’s laughable.

Does My But Look Too Big Here?

The “but trap” could send to our keisters any of us who write or speak in public. Don’t fall into a but trap. Think “yes and” instead.