The Yin and the Yang of the Presentation Summit

With less than a month now before the ninth annual Presentation Summit, Sep 18-21 in Austin TX, here is our official yin/yang guide to the conference, showcasing the interesting and eclectic duality in our lineup this year: YIN: Julie Terberg returns for her incredible makeover sessions, creating something wonderful from something…less than wonderful. YANG: Sandra […]

The Magic of the Makeover

Before-and-after sessions a perennial conference favorite Now in its ninth season, the Presentation Summit has offered seminars and workshops on such far-reaching topics as software automation, simultaneous projection on multiple screens, presenting in non-native languages, and dealing with unfriendly audiences. Since its inception in 2003, however, no seminar topic has been more popular than the […]

Hot Dogs, Shadows, and Helium

Nigel Holmes’ keynote address to focus on what we see, not just what we hear You might think that an opening keynote address for a presentation conference would discuss technology, or PowerPoint, or slide design, or how to speak more effectively. You wouldn’t normally expect it to focus on how to win an eating contest. […]

Design-a-Template Contest: We have a winner!

If you are a supporter of ours, you would say that we enrich the community with our annual contest in which we invite the public to design the template for the Presentation Summit. If you are a critic, you might accuse us of being lazy and having you do our work for us. We’re good […]

Design Contest Invites Your Creativity

Some businesses place such a priority on branding, they are meticulous in the establishment of their visual identity, never missing an opportunity to showcase their logos or their mantras. And then there is the Presentation Summit, the ultimate mutt in visual branding. Not only does the conference change its look every year, it rewards its […]