Mobile Networking and Golf

As I was watching the Masters today, one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world, I was struck by how many players made the same mistake. On the 15th green, a severely sloped and long traverse, just about every player who was putting uphill (and all pros know it’s better to putt uphill than […]

What Annoys You the Most?

In the Professional Speakers and Seminar Leaders group at LinkedIn, a contributor asked a seemingly banal and innocent question: What annoying phrases from popular culture are speakers overusing in their presentations? In the space of four days, over 60 people responded and it became a cathartic vent session for everyone who finds him or herself […]

Should I become an UNconference host…?

Over the weekend, I had the unique experience of seeing my reflection…or my antithesis…or my something-opposite. I attended and spoke at's PresentationCamp, billed as an "unconference." The primary idea behind an unconference is that there is no one central organizing body determining content, but rather a free-flowing dialogue at the center of decision-making. For […]

Me Hates That!

Okay, one more grammar-related post and then I'm done for the season… I suppose I cannot hammer my two teenage daughters too heavily in the face of what I just read. I am continually correcting Erica and Jamie for sentences along the lines of "Me and Nicole want to go to the mall," because I […]

Eight grammar errors…all in one post

In honor of National Grammar Day, I posted an entry on Wednesday with eight subtle or not-so-subtle errors of grammar or prose. A few of you wrote in to suggest a handful of other errors that you THOUGHT you noticed. Harumph…   The Original Post: Several of my readers have brought to my attention the significance […]

Mad about Matzah…

What do you do when you have one of the pickiest eaters in the world living under your roof, and you are about to enter into a religious observance that prohibits the consumption of two of the only three food items she’ll eat, pizza and pasta? The Passover ritual is proof positive that wonders shall […]