What’s better than attending a free webinar? How about winning a $595 pass to a conference while attending a free webinar? If you are hooked into the Training Mag Network, that could be your bragging right in August. As part of the ongoing 20th anniversary celebration for the Presentation Summit, conference organizers are awarding a free virtual pass to the Summit (Oct 9-12 in San Diego and everywhere) at over a dozen different webinars conducted by TMN. This constitutes the most robust giveaway in conference history.

“One of our favorite partners is the Presentation Summit,” notes Gary VanAntwerp, Vice President of Communities for Training Mag Network and Executive Producer of its webinar series. “Many of our most popular speakers lead seminars at the Summit and they tell me all the time how great that conference is. So we know the value of fostering community between our two organizations. We can’t wait to experience the excitement of our members winning these passes.”

Beginning August 2 and continuing into early September, a free virtual pass to the Summit, priced at $595, will be awarded during participating webinars. And there are a lot of them. “We know how much synergy there is between presentation and learning, training, and just about any type of communication,” notes conference host Rick Altman. “So just about any webinar that Training Mag offers, we’re likely to say, ‘Yup, that qualifies.’ Adding critical thinking to curriculum…using related software…even gamification. There are relevant crossovers to all of these.”

All of the participating webinars are free for TMN members and becoming a member is also free. The only eligibility requirement is that you need be “present” to win — you need to be in attendance at the webinar to chat “that’s me!” when your name is announced.

CLICK HERE for a list of August webinars, and to register for any of them.

And CLICK HERE for complete details on the 20th annual Presentation Summit.

The Fine Print

  1. You must be in attendance when your name is called in order to claim your fame and fortune.
  2. While we want you to attend all 13 webinars, you will be eligible to win once in August, not twice, thrice, or thirteenice.
  3. While your winning digital certificate has no cash value, you can:
    • Transfer it to someone else — friend, colleague, high school sweetheart, Amazon driver, and anyone who might be all of those things to you
    • Use it to upgrade to an in-person registration
    • Attend the conference live and/or watch the on-demand recordings (for up to six months after the event)
  4. All contestants and winners agree to hold harmless Training Mag Network and BetterPresenting.com from any loss or damage. This includes from the heartache of not winning and from the pure ecstasy of winning that might cause you to jump out of your chair, land on your derriere, and hurt yourself.

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