In a whirlwind five weeks that saw nearly 1,500 people enter the biggest sweepstakes in Presentation Summit history, there can be no question that our winner is motivated to attend the conference. After all, she will travel through nine time zones to get to San Diego, and the $500 voucher won’t be nearly enough to fund her travel.

But make no mistake, Modupe Wigwe is coming to the conference. All the way from Lagos, Nigeria.

“I am so very excited to have been selected,” she says, with beams of jubilation evident even through an email interview. “All the things I will learn there to help me engage my audiences. When I entered, I thought to myself, ‘what are the chances, from far-away Nigeria?’ And then…wow!”

A life and trauma coach for the Peak Performance Coaching Academy, Modupe’s resume is long on coaching life skills, including public communication. Her LinkedIn page lists 31 achievements, three languages spoken, and myriad experiences of presentation training and creating specialized training curricula. Her primary pursuit with her business is to “reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues, so that people do not have to suffer in silence.” Indeed, you would be well-advised not to underestimate the chops of this woman from a third-world country.

This will not be Modupe’s first visit to the United States, and in fact, has a son attending an American college. With her nest now empty, she is kept company by two loyal canines, Oprah and Paris. “I discuss my work with Oprah, and sometimes I think she really understands!”

The No. 1 item on her bucket list just might tell you all you need to know about this forthright woman. “I’m afraid of heights so I want to go skydiving. If I survive the dive, then I know I’ll be fine!”

We’re waiting for her to work that into her life-coaching curriculum.

2 Responses

  1. Very uplifting message. Continue to share your story and touching the lives of others. Hope you get the chance to sky-dive!

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