Presentation Summit Twitter Chat:
Tue, July 18, 9:15p ET

If you haven’t yet heard of one of the fastest-rising social media pastimes, you will soon. A Twitter chat is simple at its roots: a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag, usually lasting for a short period. The Presentation Summit will host a chat on July 18, 9:15p ET, using #PreSumChat. But just as the Summit is no regular business conference, this will not be a regular chat. (We were tempted to say that this won’t be your father’s Twitter Chat, but upon reflection, we can’t even go with not your older brother’s Chat.)

Conference host Rick Altman will create a virtual gathering with several members of his conference team so they can answer incoming questions together. What’s more, all participants in the chat will have the option of dialing in to this virtual gathering in listen-only mode, creating an entirely new perspective on the experience. “The conference is all about community,” says Altman, “and we think that should be reflected in this Twitter chat. My team and I will be gathered around a virtual kitchen table, receiving questions and comments from the participants. We think it would be a nice addition if we could invite everyone to sit around our table with us. In the age of Skype, GoToMeeting, and Zoom, that’s pretty easy to do.”

Altman is adding one additional buried treasure to the chat: a free conference pass, to be awarded to a participant.

To join @RickAltman and participate in the July 18 chat, click here, or just use the hashtag #PreSumChat. To join the live component of the chat, return to this posting for specific call-in instructions. This will be a no-cost opportunity to get a feel for the environment that is created at the Presentation Summit and the zeal with which the conference team addresses questions and issues.



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