Popular neuroscientist offers her unique insights into how we perform and how we perform at our best

“The thing about my good friend Carmen?” says Presentation Summit host and organizer Rick Altman. “She is the embodiment of her best-selling book: she is truly impossible to ignore.”

So says just about every patron who attended the Summit pre-Covid and missed her during the Covid years. The conference is delighted to announce her triumphant return this year as the Monday morning keynote presenter, Oct 16, live from Monterey CA.

While Dr. Simon might have seen her travel curtailed during Covid, her research was as prolific as ever. In fact, the pandemic fueled one of her studies. “The pandemic compelled me to wonder about the different ways in which we present,” she says, “and what the impact is of being face to face, as opposed to virtual, or over the phone, or hybrid. The results might surprise you — they did me!”

Her findings form the basis for her keynote address at the Summit: “Face to Face or Virtual? Cognitive Conclusions Curated from Covid.” In this hour, she will address many questions whose answers can be found in brain science. What if you want to have the most impact? What if you want to build relationships? What if you have more than one presenter? There is data to suggest that certain modes of presentation are more effective than others, based on your goals. Simon promises to shine a very bright light on these and other questions.

“I have missed this conference so much!” she muses. “All of the friends I have made over the years, I’m so looking forward to reconnecting with them and sharing some practical science-based guidelines. Practical and surprising!”

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