Five Reasons to Attend the Presentation Summit

Five reasons why if you miss this fall’s Presentation Summit, you will suffer major FOMO

No. 1: Temple Grandin

It’s not every day, every year, or even every decade that one of our keynote speakers has had a major motion picture created about her life, with Claire Danes playing the lead. That’s how compelling Dr. Temple Grandin’s story is. A world-renowned expert on animal behavior and welfare, she is also a prominent advocate for individuals with autism, having been diagnosed with the condition herself as a child.

Growing up in the 1950s, autism was not sufficiently understood and the psychiatrists of that era recommended to her parents that she be institutionalized indefinitely. Instead, she was mainstreamed and allowed to cultivate her unique abilities to see the world visually. Whether because of or in spite of her autism (most believe the former), few individuals on this planet have Temple’s ability to see a problem, envision a system to address it, and then build it. She makes the world better with her mind’s eye and we can’t wait to share this extraordinary perspective with our audiences this year.

Dr. Grandin will be featured in a first-ever Sunday evening dinner keynote for our in-person audience, and then her keynote will be repeated three weeks later for our Zoomies.

Register before September 21 and receive a free copy of Dr. Grandin’s NYT best-selling work Visual Thinking: The hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions. Those attending in person will receive a printed copy on site in Monterey CA and all those attending virtually will receive the Kindle version.

No. 2: Bye bye, hybrid, hello, ginormous engagement

You have probably heard the news by now or you figured it out if you have read this far: this year’s Presentation Summit will be held in two distinct segments: the in-person event, Oct 15-18, and then the virtual, Nov 5-8. We are proud of the work we did to produce hybrid versions of the Summit in 2021 and 2022, but even at its best, hybrid introduces compromises that we became unwilling to accept.

This year, each audience gets our undivided attention. Our roomies will be treated to a retreat-like experience at an oceanside resort, in which we will utilize the picturesque outdoor spaces as much as possible. And our Zoomies will get a virtual experience more human than anything they could imagine. With very few exceptions, all seminars will be delivered live and will be available for on-demand viewing until Q2 2024.

No. 3: Carmen Simon

One of the most popular presenters in conference history returns in 2023, as Carmen Simon delivers the Monday morning keynote address for both roomies and Zoomies.

Dr. Simon is the embodiment of her best-selling book: she is truly impossible to ignore. So says just about every patron who attended the Summit pre-Covid and missed her during the Covid years. And while Carmin might have seen her travel curtailed during Covid, her research was as prolific as ever. In fact, the pandemic fueled one of her studies and it forms the basis for her Summit keynote: Face to Face or Virtual? Cognitive Conclusions Curated from Covid.

“The pandemic compelled me to wonder about the different ways in which we present,” she says, “and what the impact is of being face to face, as opposed to virtual, or over the phone, or hybrid. The results might surprise you — they did me!”

“I have missed this conference so much!” she muses. “All of the friends I have made over the years, I’m so looking forward to reconnecting with them and sharing some practical science-based guidelines. Practical and surprising!”

No 4. Off-the-charts interactivity

It goes without saying (but we will say it anyway) that the Presentation Summit offers the most comprehensive and most robust learning opportunities for the presentation community. No other conference on the planet amasses the talent, all in one place and at one time, that the Summit does.

We also go to near-comical lengths to make sure that your issues and questions get addressed. Seminars…discussion groups…office hours…private tutorials — there is nothing we won’t do to get you the answers that you need, including having our geeks write custom code for you, our designers make over your slides, and our presentation coaches offer personal critiques. We’ll do this and more in both our in-person and our virtual spaces.

No. 5: Ridiculous networking and camaraderie

Ask anyone who has attended even once — the vibe at the Presentation Summit is unlike any other business conference you will attend. Small crowds, strategically scheduled breaks, evening social events, group dining — everything we do is focused on your widening your network of colleagues, peers, and friends. We have watched lifelong relationships formed: permanent friendships, business partnerships, even romances.

Whether in-person or virtual, no conference you will ever attend makes this kind of effort to connect you with like-minded professionals. It is our superpower. It is what sets us apart. It is why people return year after year. It is why you will regard your time at the Summit completely differently than you do all other conferences.

CLICK or TOUCH HERE for complete details and to register.

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The Presentation Summit 2023
Oct 15-18 in Monterey CA
Nov 5-8 virtually

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