Sunday is Fun Day

How ironic that my favorite day at the Presentation Summit is the day before it officially begins. The buzz and the energy of Sunday at the Summit is almost magical, as our patrons start to arrive and bring with them an infectious enthusiasm. Everyone is so fresh and full of life and there is an anticipatory excitement that I feel at few other business events. The Sunday Welcome Reception is overwhelmed by the warmth of 150 people who know they share so much with one another and can’t wait to explore all of that common ground. We need no ice breakers at this reception — everyone meets everyone so freely and easily.

We also offer significant instruction on that day, with three optional workshops, designed to jumpstart the conference’s learning experiences. Each of our Sunday courses explores a different facet of presentation — delivery, content creation, story and design.

I feel particularly blessed to lead one of these (“Farewell to Death by PowerPoint”) because the 48 hours leading up to that is sheer chaos for me. But then, suddenly and almost miraculously, there is this wonderful quiet, as it is just me and my audience, and for two marvelous hours, I get to geek out with them, completely unfettered from whatever 11th-hour urgent needs arise.

Our virtual audience gets a nice Sunday buzz, too, as virtual MC John Chen will lead them on an open house and get-acquainted happy hour. This will include a tour of the virtual space as well as a live tour of the conference space. And as with all of our instruction, the three Sunday courses are livestreamed to our virtual audience.

It would be my pleasure for our patrons to get to experience the Sunday magic, and that inspires our July promotion for this summer:

  • Every person who registers for the conference in July can add a crash course for free (valued at $169).
  • Every person who has already registered can purchase a crash course in July and get a second one for free.
  • If you have already signed up for two crash courses, we will throw in the third one for free.
  • If you have already signed up for all three crash courses, you receive not only a glutton for punishment award and my eternal gratitude, but a nice gift from our friends at Logitech.

Even if you don’t take advantage of this offer, we want you to join us on Sunday, either as a roomie or a Zoomie. But free instruction is never a bad thing…

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