Guy Kawasaki Returns to the Summit

Marketing mogul and podcast creator
will “dish” on Monday, Aug 10

The Presentation Summit is thrilled to announce the return of Guy Kawasaki to the 2020 program agenda. Kawasaki will help kick off Day One this year, Monday August 10, as he did as the 2015 keynote speaker. In that address, he offered the following timeless advice to presenters: “If you suck and you go long, that’s a deadly combination. If you suck and you’re short, well, that’s okay. If you’re great and you go long, that’s okay. But if you suck and you go long, that’s like being stupid and arrogant.”

Guy Kawasaki, with members of the 2015 Summit team
Guy Kawasaki, with members of the 2015 Summit team

Kawasaki will kick off “The Daily Dish,” a new conference offering featuring short interviews with prominent voices in business and culture. “We know how difficult it is to sit in front of an LED display for hours on end,” explains conference host Rick Altman, “even if you are receiving the best presentation instruction on the planet. So the more we can break up the experience, the better. These 10-minute vignettes will be food for the soul and a break for the mind.”

Kawasaki has not exactly stood still since 2015, remaining one of the most active people in business today. His Remarkable People podcast features conversations with an astonishingly wide range of people and an equally broad array of topics. In particular, Guy recommends the following four for the presentation community:

Robert Cialdini, the Godfather of Influence

David Aaker: Father of Modern Branding

iJustine: Digital Influencer, YouTuber, and Gamer

Gary Vaynerchuk: Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, and Author

The Daily Dish will take place at 11:30a PDT each conference day. As with all conference content, it will air live and then be available on demand until February, 2021. To see the entire schedule, lineup of presenters, and complete details about what to expect with the Presentation Summit’s debut as a virtual experience, visit the conference website.

The Presentation Summit
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