Click/touch seminar titles for details; presenter names for bios; the heart to add the topic to your personal schedule.
9:00am PT  ♦  12:00pm ET   |   Sunday Crash Course
Farewell to Death by PowerPoint
Everything you need to know to start creating winning presentations

This two-hour crash course is the perfect jumpstart to the conference, guaranteed to get you off on the right foot by helping you craft, design, and strategize through the process of creating first-rate presentations.

Rick Altman
11:30am PT  ♦  2:30pm ET   |   Sunday Crash Course
Template Creation Workshop
Building a PowerPoint template that works

Is it finally time for you to understand and take control of your templates? Yes it is! This workshop is your cue to open a new chapter of understanding with this otherwise mystifying topic.

Echo Swinford
8:00am PT  ♦  11:00am ET   |   Keynote Address
How to Make a Remarkable Presentation
From someone who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly

Learn to deliver a powerful and memorable presentation that will capture your audience’s attention.

Guy Kawasaki
9:15am PT  ♦  12:15pm ET   |   The Studio
The Makeover Mentor
Before-and-after example slides

Makeovers inspire us by giving us a glimpse of the possibilities. Join in and get inspired by them, or better yet, send in your own slides!

Julie Terberg
9:15am PT  ♦  12:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Smart Charts
Create charts that update themselves

This sessions dive deep into the PowerPoint charting engine and use strategically hidden data to help with your data visualizations.

Taylor Croonquist
10:15am PT  ♦  1:15pm ET   |   The Studio
Curiosity Didn't Really Kill the Cat
The Power of Posing Questions

Discover how the art of asking good questions can shift perspectives, promote innovation and increase retention.

Sheila Beth Robinson
10:15am PT  ♦  1:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Surviving Handout Hell
Do you print your slides as handouts? Stop doing that!!

If you believe that a slide can be effective as your live visual and as your handout, let us disabuse you of that misguided notion.

Rick Altman
11:15am PT  ♦  2:15pm ET   |   The Studio
Presentation Design for the Non-Designer
Time to level up your visual storytelling

A presentation design fundamentals course for presenters who’d like to level up their visual storytelling capabilities.

Steve Sheets
11:15am PT  ♦  2:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Backstage Pass
How stuff is really made

This hour goes behind the scenes to see how great work is actually produced.

Lori Chollar
   |   Group Meal
Lunch for All Patrons
12:30pm PT  ♦  3:30pm ET   |   General Session
Go Big!
Secrets to living bigger, braver, and bolder

Your playing small does not serve the world, so how can you move through what holds you back and show up with more authenticity, clarity, and courage?

Sally Zimney
12:30pm PT  ♦  3:30pm ET   |   Special Event
Birds of a Feather
Conversations among the like-minded

Let’s talk! Join in on one of five conversations on topical topics. See the descriptions under Everything Else.

1:30pm PT  ♦  4:30pm ET   |   The Studio
Not All Hackers Wear Hoodies
How to visualize challenging and non-physical themes

Sixty-five percent of people are visual thinkers — that’s more than half of your audience.

Jody Wissing
1:30pm PT  ♦  4:30pm ET   |   The Lab
Don't Blow It!
Avoiding PowerPoint Disasters

Let’s face it: most slide decks suck. Fortunately, the more you study the failures, the faster you can avoid them, and the better your presentations will be.

Mike Parkinson
2:30pm PT  ♦  5:30pm ET   |   The Studio
Icons, Icons, Icons
Everything you need to know

The ultimate guide to iconography — sourcing, creating, editing, and using icons on your slides.

Nolan Haims
2:30pm PT  ♦  5:30pm ET   |   The Lab
Add it In!
Your expert's guide to the best PowerPoint add-ins

One of the superpowers of PowerPoint is its ability to integrate third-party add-ins. Here is your opportunity to see a designer’s toolbox and have the tools demonstrated.

Troy Chollar
3:30pm PT  ♦  6:30pm ET   |   General Session
The PowerPoint Trivia Contest
The intersection of creativity, ingenuity, and foolishness

You have not lived until you have watched or participated in our PowerPoint Trivia Contest.

   |   After Hours
The Future of Presentations
Stay on the cutting edge of presentation technology

See what’s coming in the future of presentations – and learn how you can stay on the leading edge.

Yulia Barnakova
   |   After Hours
The Guru Session
Drop in and chat with your extended family

Stay up and learn with us, and maybe teach us a thing or two. This legendary session features things you won’t get anywhere else.

Ric Bretschneider
8:00am PT  ♦  11:00am ET   |   Keynote Address
Humans vs. AI
The future face-off in coaching and learning

Role-playing and personal feedback can boost a person’s confidence and skills. But not all managers are cut out to be great coaches. Enter AI…

Carmen Simon
9:15am PT  ♦  12:15pm ET   |   The Studio
Real-World Makeovers
For the busy professional for whom everything is due yesterday

The makeovers during this hour, taken from patron submissions, carry with them the hope that you will look at them and say, “Hey, I can do that.”

Rick Altman
9:15am PT  ♦  12:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Plan, Create, Deliver
Down-to-Earth tips for busy people

Time is a scarce resource in the business world, having users scrambling to create their presentations. This session covers tips to help you plan and leverage some of PowerPoint’s features to create better visuals and practice your delivery.

Chantal Bossé
10:15am PT  ♦  1:15pm ET   |   The Studio
Amazing Animation
Techniques for beautiful slides

Get ready to see how animations can be used to create stunningly beautiful slides that won’t look like your grandparent’s PowerPoint.

Richard Goring
10:15am PT  ♦  1:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Copiloting Templates
A new tool meets a traditional system

Best practices to ensure your template works with Microsoft’s implementation of AI. This session will reveal all.

Echo Swinford
11:15am PT  ♦  2:15pm ET   |   The Lab
45 in 45
Forty five tips in as many minutes

Get ready for 45 tips and tricks to help you work faster and better in PowerPoint.

Nolan Haims
11:15am PT  ♦  2:15pm ET   |   The Studio
PowerPoint Karaoke
Expect the unexpected

PowerPoint Karaoke is a social exercise that helps train you to think quickly on your feet. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.

Ric Bretschneider
   |   Group Meal
Lunch for all Patrons
1:30pm PT  ♦  4:30pm ET   |   The Studio
One Slide, Three Journeys
Sometimes you need more than "wow"

Here’s how text-heavy slides can be retrofitted to fit different uses and get you some quick wins.

Ingrid Mengdehl
1:30pm PT  ♦  4:30pm ET   |   The Lab
Smart PowerPoint Add-Ins
For smart designers

Boost your productivity and achieve superstar status in front of your boss, colleagues, and customers.

Jamie Garroch
2:30pm PT  ♦  5:30pm ET   |   The Studio
The Sound of Your Own Voice
Cold Reading Techniques for Narrating

Do what actors do: use your voice like an instrument and bring written content to life.

Ilene Bergelson
2:30pm PT  ♦  5:30pm ET   |   The Lab
Then and Now
A personal journey through conference annals

Join in on this retrospective that will help you distinguish lasting principles of presentation from transient fads.

Troy Chollar
3:30pm PT  ♦  6:30pm ET   |   The Studio
ChatGPT Unscripted
A Live Adventure in Presentation Making

No scripts, no safety nets — just pure, adrenaline-pumping creativity as we turn your ideas into presentation gold live on stage.

Stephy Hogan
3:30pm PT  ♦  6:30pm ET   |   The Lab
Count the Ways
Innovative uses for PowerPoint

There are so many ways to use a slide deck — how about 137 of them? Here are some favorites.

Jody Wissing
8:00am PT  ♦  11:00am ET   |   Keynote Address
Let's Get Physical!
Is movement the key to creativity?

Get ready for a little fitness history, a little human anatomy, a little medical advice, and some easy exercises to help you release the creative juices. Let’s get infografit!

Nigel Holmes
9:15am PT  ♦  12:15pm ET   |   The Studio
Artificial Makeovers
Can AI make you a better presentation designer?

One of the ways Artificial Intelligence can be most useful is in its ability to improve content. This session explores how various AI tools can help with both design and messaging.

Camille Holden
9:15am PT  ♦  12:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Agile Infographics
Beyond pretty pictures

Learn to turn words and ideas into clear, compelling illustrations. Learn the proven techniques and tools the pros use to do more with less.

Mike Parkinson
10:15am PT  ♦  1:15pm ET   |   The Studio
Type Essentials
Level up your presentation typography

Typography influences how we perceive and interpret the information being presented. Learn how to go beyond the default text settings and create slides that sing.

Julie Terberg
10:15am PT  ♦  1:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Clone Yourself!
Digitize yourself and others for a unique presentation experience

Think differently about presentation after taking in AI-powered personas.

Yulia Barnakova
11:15am PT  ♦  2:15pm ET   |   The Studio
Actor's Playbook
Audience engagement from theater techniques

One guiding principle, two key practices, and several techniques that you can use to reel your audience into your topic.

Ilene Bergelson
11:15am PT  ♦  2:15pm ET   |   The Lab
Kinetic Text
To inspire and delight

Discover techniques for creating stunning kinetic and video text sequences.

Richard Goring
12:30pm PT  ♦  3:30pm ET   |   General Session
The Miracle of Pecha Kucha
Embracing two easy rules creates amazing presentations

Twenty slides, 20 seconds each. The Pecha Kucha presentation style entertains, informs, and is the antithesis of Death by PowerPoint.

Ric Bretschneider
1:45pm PT  ♦  4:45pm ET   |   General Session
Five Minutes or Fewer
Tips to match your attention span

Here is a friendly procession of short tips, pieces of advice, and anecdotes, as told by both conference team members and patrons.

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