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Farewell to Death by PowerPoint
Template Creation Workshop
Business Round Table


How to Make a Remarkable Presentation
The Makeover Mentor
Smart Charts
Curiosity Didn't Really Kill the Cat
Surviving Handout Hell
Presentation Design for the Non-Designer
Backstage Pass
Lunch for All Patrons
Go Big!
Birds of a Feather
Not All Hackers Wear Hoodies
Don't Blow It!
Icons, Icons, Icons
Add it In!
The PowerPoint Trivia Contest
The Future of Presentations
The Guru Session


Humans vs. AI
Real-World Makeovers
Plan, Create, Deliver
Amazing Animation
Copiloting Templates
45 in 45
PowerPoint Karaoke
Lunch for all Patrons
One Slide, Three Journeys
Smart PowerPoint Add-Ins
The Sound of Your Own Voice
Then and Now
ChatGPT Unscripted
Count the Ways


Let's Get Physical!
Artificial Makeovers
Agile Infographics
Type Essentials
Clone Yourself!
Actor's Playbook
Kinetic Text
The Miracle of Pecha Kucha
Five Minutes or Fewer

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