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Here is a listing of the seminars that you have “hearted.” You can heart and unheart seminars on any schedule page across the platform, including this one. A few things to note (press Continue to read more):

  1. Click any title to see details about that seminar.
  2. If you unheart a seminar on this page, reload the page once for that change to update.
  3. It’s possible to heart two seminars at the same time. This is not because our conference transcends time and space (although in virtual, it kind of does), but rather because many of our patrons use favoriting as a way to help decide between sessions and they want to see their dilemmas displayed before them.
  4. The two crash courses on Sunday are optional and carry an extra fee. It would be really cool if our favoriting engine knew whether or not you were signed up…but it doesn’t. Hearting one of them doesn’t get you in — you’ll still need to cough up the $95.

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