Monday, The Studio
Backstage Pass
How stuff is really made

When you see a really cool presentation effect, clever animation or impactful sequence of slides, you immediately want to know how it was made. Here is your backstage pass to go behind the curtain to view a variety of real-world presentations and see just how they were made. You will play with bubbles, glitter, and slot machines, stuff envelopes, and even do some video editing -- all in PowerPoint.

Highlights to include:

  • Endless falling confetti
  • How far can you push Morph, when the client has 100+ logos?
  • PowerPoint to video at ComiCon? It happened!
  • Receive downloadable slides? Yes, absolutely
Led by Lori Chollar
The Presentation Summit 2013
This seminar is for curious people, whether presentation designer looking to add to their PowerPoint skills or presenters looking for ideas and inspiration to craft messages.