Wednesday, The Lab

Clone Yourself!
Digitize yourself and others for a unique presentation experience

In this geeky, fun-filled session, you will discover surprising ways AI-powered personas can transform presentations into dynamic, unforgettable experiences.

We will explore the cutting-edge techniques of AI clones and advisors, empowering you to think entirely differently about presentation venues and environments.

Watch hands-on demonstrations of AI tools and techniques suitable for both on-stage presentations and guided virtual workshops.

Highlights to include:

  • Create interactive AI clones -- of yourself, your colleagues (with their permission!), or even historical figures
  • Integrate AI advisors as experts for audience members to converse with and get feedback on their ideas
  • Design presentations that leave a lasting impact, boosting knowledge retention and sparking conversations long after the event
Led by Yulia Barnakova
This session is for those looking to integrate AI responsibly into their presentations.