Sunday, Sunday Crash Course

Farewell to Death by PowerPoint
Everything you need to know to start creating winning presentations

You learned PowerPoint years ago and think you have decent instincts for building presentations. But something inevitably derails you. The story gets changed, the boss wants an extra chart, the client has second thoughts, and it all needs to be done by tomorrow. Your PowerPoint skills will be challenged by all these extras, so you go on auto-pilot and do what most do: you stuff it all onto the slide and hope for the best.

You can stop this madness! This two-hour crash course is the perfect jumpstart to the conference, guaranteed to get you off on the right foot by helping you craft, design, and strategize through the process of creating first-rate presentations.

Highlights to include:

  • Recognize what ruins presentations
  • Identify the three tenets of good presentations
  • Accommodate clean imagery and heavy data
  • Develop and articulate core beliefs about effective presentation strategy
Led by Rick Altman
This optional workshop is for you if you need to learn, or want a refresher on, the core principles of presentation design, and hope to find more fulfilling ways to go about your work.