Tuesday, Keynote Address

Humans vs. AI
The future face-off in coaching and learning

Are human coaches a thing of the past? We've all seen how role-playing and personal feedback can boost a person's confidence and skills. But let's face it, coordinating coaching sessions can be a headache, and not all managers are cut out to be great coaches.

Enter AI: offering flexible, unbiased coaching anytime you need it, without the scheduling chaos or the need for aspirin. Yet, this brings up a few big questions: can AI really replace the human touch, especially in a field where empathy is key? Could you trust the feedback you receive from an AI engine? We look to neuroscience to compare AI and human coaching side by side and address additional questions through practical answers.

Join us to find out if AI coaching is just as good or if we are still craving the human connection in an engineered age.

Highlights to include:

  • Is there a big difference between the way sellers interact with humans vs. an AI tool during customer role-play and feedback sessions?
  • Is AI competent enough to provide sales coaching and feedback in a realistic and meaningful way?
  • Could it be that just hearing the word feedback gets your heart racing and your palms sweating, regardless of whether you hear it from a human or an AI tool?
Led by Carmen Simon