Wednesday, Keynote Address

Let's Get Physical!
Is movement the key to creativity?

Do you sit all day facing a computer, and then in the evening sit on the couch facing a TV? By this time at the Summit you have been sitting and listening to great talks for two+ days -- now it's time to get up and move!

Most scientists believe that any physical activity -- pickleball, a brisk walk, skydiving, maybe -- gives our minds the room and the time to think creatively. Or to clear our minds and not to think at all for a while, and that's just as important.

So get ready for a little fitness history, a little human anatomy, a little medical advice, and some easy exercises to lift you off those chairs, and release the creative juices. Let's get infografit!

Bonus: a live-action demonstration of actual muscles in action. Also, bunny ears!

Led by Nigel Holmes