Monday, The Studio
Presentation Design for the Non-Designer
Time to level up your visual storytelling

Presentation design can be challenging, and that's okay -- it's not supposed to be easy. Everyone is capable of it, though, even if they don't think they're "creative." In this session, we will talk about design fundamentals in plain English and how they apply to presentation design. We will also talk about the design process.

Design has challenges, recognizing it as a process can help you work through it and enjoy it! Along the way, we will cover some tips for creating successful slides and hopefully saving a bit of time along the way.

Highlights to include:

  • Design fundamentals
  • Different phases of the slide design process (and having fun with it)
  • Tips for making beautiful slides and saving time
Led by Steve Sheets
This session is for people who don't have design training but have found themselves creating presentations anyway.