Tuesday, The Studio

Real-World Makeovers
For the busy professional for whom everything is due yesterday

We know that one of the results of attending this conference is your head spinning out of control as our design makeovers leave your jaw on the floor.

We know that it is not entirely fair, showing you designs that you might not have the skills or the time to recreate. This session balances the inspiration you will feel with our other makeovers with the reality of your situation. The makeovers here, taken from patron submissions, carry the hope that you will look at them and say, “Hey, I can do that.”

Highlights to include:

  • Making messages audience-centric
  • Slides with too much junk
  • Content better left in handouts
  • When clean and consistent are kings
Led by Rick Altman
This session is for those who want clear, digestible advice on designing better presentations and creating more attractive slides.