Monday, The Lab
Surviving Handout Hell
Do you print your slides as handouts? Stop doing that!!

If the most annoying trait of all PowerPoint users is placing too much text on a slide (and it is), the leading cause of this offense is the printout. If you harbor the belief that you can create a slide that will be effective as your live visual and as your printed handout, this session will attempt to disabuse you of that misguided notion. Responsible presentation designers must separate the tasks of creating visuals for their live presentation and creating printed handouts. In so doing, they distinguish themselves from 99% of those creating slides today.

Highlights to include:

  • Step away from the Print button
  • PowerPoint has a Handout master; too bad it's useless for this purpose
  • Creating two documents within one PowerPoint file
Led by Rick Altman
This session is for anyone who has fallen prey to the conventional wisdom of printing slides to create a handout.