Sunday, Sunday Crash Course
Template Creation Workshop
Building a PowerPoint template that works

A comprehensive template can be a huge timesaver for those who don't use PowerPoint every day, who aren't designers, and for those who must create presentations to reflect a brand. It takes less time to develop a presentation with a template because there is less manual formatting to do.

The key is having a template that is built right in the first place. In this workshop, we'll build the same starter template together. During the process, we'll address common template fails and teach you how to avoid them when you apply the lessons to your own templates.

Highlights to include:

  • Making your color theme work for you
  • The relationship between masters and layouts
  • When to use custom layouts
  • Best practices when adding and removing placeholders
  • Formatting “no bullet” text levels
  • Gotchas and other issues that aren't so easily resolved
Led by Echo Swinford
Whether a rookie or a repeat attender, you’re sure to learn something new in this workshop. Note: you should be familiar and comfortable with working in PowerPoint, even if you are new to building templates. Bring your laptop!