Discussions among the like-minded

12:15pm PT  ♦  3:15pm ET

Here’s your chance to sink your teeth into issues and topics salient to the world of presentation. We will head into dedicated breakout rooms inside of Conference Central to cover the following topics:

Let’s Get Physical!

How can you calm yourself before a presentation when your heart is beating out of your chest? How can you increase your confidence, command the room, and control the occasion? We will explore the ways you can take advantage of your body and your physique to become more comfortable in front of audiences? There are tangible skills you can employ and physical behaviors you can practice. (Led by Rick Altman and Glenn Gibson)

You Want What??

Working on presentation projects with others can be a challenge. Whether it is your boss, your peer, or a direct report, the people skills you must employ are every bit as important as the design and slide-making skills you need to possess. This discussion explores how best to navigate these often treacherous waters. The seminar with the same name will then take a deeper dive into the slide-designing and slide-making skills that will help you collaborate better. (Led by Emily Lefebvre)

Listen up, Microsoft!

The Official Making of the Official Wish List. Join one of the members of the Microsoft MVP team to share, hope, wax on, or just flat-out bitch about the features that you want to see in a future version of PowerPoint. From your contributions will be created a single set of feature requests that will be sent directly to the development team. (Led by Echo Swinford)

Now Presenting...with AI

Designed to complement the “Artificial Presentations” seminar offered that morning, this discussion will explore the tools and the methods already in practice by presentation professionals. Bring your experiences and your can-it-do-this questions. (Led by Camille Holden)

Joining Forces

How can presentation coaches and presentation designers team up to create a whole new level of excellence for presenters? Where can each help their clients recognize the value of the other? How can they influence and enhance one another’s process as well as final outcomes? (Led by Ilene Bergelson)