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Get ready for Professional Certifications with an all-day preparatory boot camp to help you earn your stripes

As our industry evolves and matures, so does the need to demonstrate proficiency and value to organizations that seek to employ or hire you. The Presentation Guild is taking a leadership position in this growing opportunity with Professional Certifications, a set of tests to enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and acumen and earn a credential for them.

The Presentation Summit is partnering with the Guild to offer an extraordinary opportunity to prepare you for and help you pass these comprehensive tests. In 2019, we debuted the Specialist Boot Camp and on Sat, Sep 25 of this year, we introduce the Expert Level Boot Camp.

This all-day workshop is an intensive and comprehensive prep course with one aim in mind: to help you pass the Certified Presentation Expert test and earn your credential. With dozens of lessons, hundreds of examples, practice quizzes, and a practically unlimited amount of Q&A, you will leave this day more confident in your skills and knowledge, prepared for the assessment exam, and oh yes, ready to reap maximum benefits of the conference about to take place.

The Expert boot camp, taught by Presentation Guild President Emerita Echo Swinford, will prepare you to study for and pass the Certified Presentation Expert – PowerPoint™ exam. The professional at the expert level is expected to have comprehensive knowledge, skill and efficiency at crafting presentations, work independently, have at least 18 months of experience and/or training with at least 3,000 hours of direct presentation craftsmanship, and have attained the Certified Presentation Specialist – PowerPoint™ certification. 

The Certified Presentation Expert – PowerPoint™ exam is based on the expert-level professional standards, which can be downloaded here. Please note that, although you may learn some new things about PowerPoint, this boot camp is not a PowerPoint training class, and we will move fairly quickly through the content.

Background on Certifications

The Guild’s professional certifications measure and affirm proficiency and competency in various aspects of the presentation industry. They require a specified amount of industry experience and are granted upon an assessment of an individual’s knowledge and skills. Professional certifications carry ongoing requirements that must be maintained. For the many advantages to both the individual and to the organizations considering hiring or employing that person, visit the Guild’s Certification page.


The Cert Prep Boot Camp costs $495 and that includes a voucher of $200 toward the cost of the assessment exam. For anyone intent on certification, you are essentially getting this full day of instruction and training for under $300.

When you register for the conference, you can add the Cert Prep workshop to your lineup of activities. If you have already registered for the conference and want to add the Boot Camp afterward, choose Other under Main Conference and choose the workshop from the subsequent choices.

The Boot Camp is an in-person experience.

What you get

This full day includes the following:

  • Coverage of the major categories of skills and knowledge that will be represented on the assessment exam
  • A spreadsheet to document experience/education hours needed to take the exam
  • Study and practice reference for the exam
  • Practice test for the exam, and
  • Voucher of $200 toward the cost of the exam