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Professional Video Recordings of all Seminars

Never miss a single moment

Our favorite thing we hear at the Presentation Summit? “How could you make me choose between these two seminars? You’re a bunch of sadists!”

That allegation might be a direct quote and it might be true, but we also save the day, by providing you access to recordings of every seminar offered across the three main days of the conference.

About three weeks after the conference, those who have added video access to their conference agenda will be emailed a private link, taking them to a full complement of streams of our keynotes and seminars. (The 4:30p slot on Monday and Tuesday might include more than three discussion groups; conference organizers will choose three among them to record.)

Breakout sessions are recorded from a single position directly in front of the screen and from a perspective that captures both the screen and the presenter. A secondary audio feed directly from our mixing board ensures crystal clear audio.

Keynote addresses are filmed from two positions, also integrated with audio directly from the board.

What you get

Reserving video access costs an additional $149 and provides you with:

  • A single link and password to all videos
  • Browse list of seminars and descriptions
  • Stream on all browser-based devices/apps
  • Watch as often as you want; pause at will
  • Access never expires; link never dies

Video access is for a single individual and is not transferable. Viewing of videos is for your educational and non-commercial purposes.

Adding video access

Adding video access is simple during the registration process: Click or touch Register at the top of the screen, and from the registration page, simply click the “Add video access” choice.

If you have already registered and you want to subsequently add video access, click or touch the Register button, and once on the registration page, click Other under Main Conference.

Sample our video and audio quality