We Are All First-Timers

No matter how many times you have attended a webinar or participated in a Zoom meeting, attending a multi-day multi-disciplinary virtual conference and reaping its rewards is a new challenge. This is the same for those attending the Presentation Summit for the first time and those who have attended or spoken at it for ten times, 15 times, 18 times.

This is a new experience for all of us and these pages carry the hope that we can smooth the road for you a bit.

Logging in for the first time

  1. Go to www.presum20.com/login.
  2. Enter the email address you provided during registration. (Check your email inbox for any mail you received from us; we sent it to the address you would use here.)
  3. The platform will send you an email verification; check your inbox for that.
  4. Click the link to get access to our virtual environment.

    Entering the platform for your first time

For all subsequent entry to the platform, use the simple URL of www.presum20.com.

The Times of the Conference

The Summit runs for four consecutive half days, Aug 10-13. The platform automagically adjusts to your timezone, but because it does not actually specify that, some of our pioneers into the platform have expressed confusion. Here are the actual times:
  • Each day begins at 8:30a PDT (GMT -7)
  • Breakout seminars begin at 9:30a PDT (Wed schedule slightly different)
  • Keynote addresses are 30 minutes long
  • Breakout seminars are 45 minutes
  • Breaks last 15 minutes
  • Last event of the day begins around 1:00p PDT
  • Conference ends on Thursday at 12:30p PDT

Editing your profile

From the home page, you will see your profile on the left sidebar. We pre-populated your profile with any information you might have supplied to us during registration, and if you have attended the conference in prior years, your profile might have inherited a photo.

No matter what your starting point is, the EDIT link is your gateway. Once there, you can:

Add a photo. You can choose anything at all, but head shots are best, given the size and shape.

Add skills. This is big, because our platform uses an AI algorithm to suggest others whom you might want to meet. The more info you give here, the smarter the matchmaking engine is.

Your bio. We will have likely given you a head start by pre-populating how many times you have attended the Summit and anything you told us about yourself during registration.

Social media and contact information. You decide how much to divulge.

A completed profile, canine photo optional

Tips for Navigating the UI

The Virtual Summit is designed to be a multi-display experience. You are not limited to one browser window or even just one device. You can log in more than once; you can log in more than 10 times if you want. The Summit platform is 100% mobile enabled, but the simple fact of virtual life is that the larger your display, the more robust your experience will be.

This is especially relevant for seminars that involve use of software. For those times, when you are being asked to follow a cursor as it opens menus, clicks on icons, and other subtle movements, you will want your browser window as large as possible and you will want the seminar video frame to be full screen. That will not leave much real estate for other conference activities, such as visiting an exhibitor, chatting with a conference buddy, or perusing the upcoming seminars.

Here is where we recommend simply opening additional browser windows and/or spreading out to a second display. The easiest way to accomplish this is to hold Shift+Enter while clicking links; that will open them in additional browser tabs, at which point you could choose to drag them off to other places.

You can also be logged into the conference on computer and phone. Many like to follow the Chat on their phones while watching presentations on their big screens. It’s all good.

Attending the Seminars

Here is the first, last, and perhaps only piece of advice you might need on navigating seminars: 


All of our keynotes and seminars air live — there are no pre-records — so whatever is happening now can be found from the LIVE NOW icon. If it is a keynote address or a general session, you will be taken immediately to the live streaming page, where you can watch and interact right away. If we are in breakout seminars, one of three things will happen:

  • The left sidebar will show you the two seminar choices.
  • If you saved one of them to your personal schedule (see below), you will be taken directly to that one and the concurrent one will display in the sidebar.
  • If the AI engine believes that you might prefer one seminar over the other (i.e. if you describe your skills and interests as “presentation design” and the topic is in our Artistry track), it will suggest that one to you, with the other seminar available from the sidebar.

Because these seminars are streaming live, you cannot back up and rewatch if you arrive late. So don’t be late! That said, we will capture the streams each evening and make an on-demand recording of the seminar available within 36 hours. Those recordings will remain available until Feb 2021, as will your access to the conference platform.

Veterans to the Summit are familiar with the torture we inflict upon those who can’t decide which fabulous-sounding seminar to attend. So too will they recall our tradition of Encore Performances, where we repeat a few of the sessions, based on patron voting. None of that will be necessary this year — torture or encores — as you can watch any seminar as many times as you want across the next six months.

Furthermore, we will continue to take registrations into the platform until next February. So tell a friend…

Using the Schedule

From the Home screen or from the horizontal links across the top, the Schedule of Events is an easy-to-navigate list of all seminars, keynotes, special events, and breaks. As you hover over a particular session, its background will tint slightly. That entire block is a link, so click or touch any session to see more detail about it. (And on a browser, using the Shift+Enter technique will open the session in a new tab, leaving the daily schedule in place in the original tab.)

Building your personal schedule: If you come across a seminar that you know you want to attend, you can add it to your personal schedule, called My Schedule. This is done one of two ways:

  • You can click the little calendar icon that is at the top-right of each seminar block in the schedule.

  • Or you can click through to the seminar’s page and click the Register button. We think “Register” is somewhat of a misnomer because you do not need to register for any of our seminars in order to attend them (the only exception being the Romp Through 3D on Tuesday, which is limited to 70 people). The Register button simply adds it to your personal schedule.

Once an event is on your personal schedule, you will receive notifications about it within the platform. You will also receive notifications on your mobile phone if you have downloaded the Swapcard app and logged into the conference.

This becomes a question of how you expect to interact with the Summit. When we are all together in a hotel and you are part of a captive audience, you’re going to come down from your hotel room in the morning and most likely stay in the ballrooms all day. But with a virtual event, we can’t make that kind of assumption (we can only hope!). So it comes down to this:

  • If you intend to sit at your desk and “attend” each half-day of the conference, it is not terribly important for you to create a personal schedule.
  • If you will be popping in and out of seminars and integrating this conference into other daily activities, you would appreciate creating a personal schedule and being notified on your mobile device when your favorited seminars are about to occur. You can download the app here.

We want to reiterate: you do not need to register for seminars in order to attend them. You can duck in an out of our keynotes and seminars freely and easily. You don’t even have to do it quietly. You can eat an entire bag of Doritos while you watch. There are some advantages to virtual…

More on your personal schedule

Your personal schedule serves a deeper purpose than just reminding you about seminars you want to attend. From the My Schedule icon, you can also:

  • Export your schedule to your digital Calendar (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Decide which of the time slots across our four days you are available to meet with others
  • See a list of those people and companies whom you have connected with

We realize that our conference patrons reside over an expanse of a dozen time zones and we know that some will find it easier to connect with others in the early-morning or evening hours. We chose not to include all of those times as available meeting slots, requiring most of our patrons to purposefully unselect them as available times. To connect with fellow conference attendees outside of conference hours, just send them a connection request and/or see what contact information they might have chosen to make public.

The value of the app

While we recommend watching our seminars on the largest screen possible, the smallest screen you own could prove invaluable during the conference dates. You will be notified within the platform of any requests, chats, meetings and favorited seminars, but if you are away from your computer, then what?

This is why we recommend that everyone download the app and log in to the Summit. That way, you will receive notifications on your phone of people wanting to connect with you, meetings you have scheduled, and seminars you have favorited.

Visiting the Help Center

One of the most enduring and evocative experiences across the Summit’s 18-year history is its Help Center — where our patrons can go to get any question answered. We have a dedicated team of four experts, recognized by Microsoft as such, and numerous presenters hang out and participate. (More on “hanging out” soon.)

To visit the Help Center, go to the Home page and find its icon top-right. Once there, you have the following options to connect with the team:

  • Use the Talk with The Help Center sidebar to send the team a message. This sidebar will live on either the left or right side of the page, depending upon the width of your browser window.
  • Request to book a meeting, choosing an available time slot.
  • Click the link next to Talk to us right now to be taken directly into the team’s managed Zoom channel, where live interaction takes place.
  • Use the Drop us a line link to send an extended note, and at your option, upload a file. 

Lots of ways to connect with our Help Center team.

We created a simulation of an actual Help Center visit. Check it out…

The Expo Hall

Nearly a dozen of our partners will be gathered in our virtual Expo Hall and we encourage you to visit them. Like the Help Center, the Expo Hall is completely set up for full engagement: video, chat, demos, downloads.

We have encouraged all of our partners to offer virtual swag, in the form of downloadable certificates and drawings, and many of our partners will be changing out their offerings on a daily basis, so don’t be shy about making frequent trips there.

The Lounge

Finally, there is our hangout for free-form discussions, where you can chit-chat, ask questions, and participate in surveys. This virtual lounge will be up and running two weeks before the conference begins, and serves two purposes:

  1. It gives you an easy and non-threatening way to communicate in an environment which you are still just discovering, We understand that video chatting with a stranger, or even just making a connection request, might not be a completely comfortable experience at first. In the Lounge, you are chatting with everybody and nobody. Or just listening. It’s the first step.
  2. When you converse in the Lounge, we listen, too! In fact, we have a team member whose sole job is to monitor the Lounge and all the Chats to get an idea of what you are talking about and what you want to talk about. The third hour on Wednesday is dedicated to those topics, as we announce various discussion groups, based on your input.

If someone leaves a comment or makes a suggestion for a topic that you agree with, give it a thumbs up or a heart.