Conference Help

Because we’re all
first-timers this year

These on-line help pages are for everyone attending the 2020 Presentation Summit. See the links above for information and instructions specific to the groups that comprise our conference community.

Even though the conference is now past, we are keeping these pages intact. Not only is much of the information still relevant, we believe it is informative to demonstrate how we think this information should be shared.

Similarly, we are choosing to share to everyone the advice we offer to our presenting team. This is a bit like opening our kimono in public, but we have concluded that it is for the good. The whole world is trying to figure out how to do virtual right and we bill ourselves as the standard bearers for the industry. So not only do we believe in the advice we share, we also believe we should demonstrate best practices in how to distribute that advice.

In these Help files, we will make numerous references to and distinctions between our conference, the Presentation Summit, and our technology partner Swapcard, the organization that maintains the platform we use to present ourselves to you.