Ten Reasons to Attend the Presentation Summit

Amazing Learning Opportunity

The incredible talent that we assemble year after year creates breathtaking discovery. Master storytelling seminars, inspiring design advice, expert PowerPoint tips, superb delivery coaching—no other learning opportunity in the known universe comes close to the Presentation Summit. The Agenda and Speakers pages offer complete details on our schedule of seminars and our extraordinary presenting team.

Totally Safe Environment

We hope to meet in person next fall, but will only do so if we can congregate safely. We do not intend to hold an in-person gathering in which we all must stay apart. So whether you connect with us in person or in your pajamas, you will be getting our uber-high caliber of instruction and illumination with complete safety.

Brilliant Technical Support

As a patron of the conference, you can bring your gnarliest problems to our experts. Don’t understand templates? Need to master animation? Color schemes driving you crazy? Do your slides just flat-out suck? On site, it is a wonderful hangout, and virtual patrons can drop in, make appointments, upload files, share screens, and converse live over video. Watch this video (full screen recommended) to see it in action.

You can visit the Help Center in your PJs. You can also touch the button at right while in your PJs.

Better than a vacation and good through March 2022.

Surprisingly Interactive

You don’t have to tell us about the reputation of a virtual event: we have spent the last five years propagating the stereotype. We would never have chosen to hold a virtual conference, but now we’re kind of grooving on it. This won’t be just a collection of Zoom windows and we will not just be slapping together a bunch of pre-recorded seminars. Nearly all of our content will be live and in the moment. If we crash and burn, it will be done before your very eyes (and maybe your pajamas). Live seminars, live chat, spontaneous interviews, interactive content, and yes, maybe a dog barking. If it happens organically, we intend to embrace it.

Ridiculously Good Pricing

With no travel or hotel costs, we can afford to drop the price of admission. Perhaps we did not have to take it down by a FACTOR OF FOUR, but we sensed an opportunity to bring the Summit experience to a part of the community that might otherwise not be able to experience it. So for what will probably be this year only, $395 gets you all four days of the conference: all seminars, the keynotes, the Help Center, the exhibit hall, the networking, and even the socializing (it is possible).


Alas, there is nothing quite like our Sunday evening Welcome Reception, where the in-person excitement of meeting 200 potential friends and colleagues fills the air. But our virtual platform can do what would be too creepy for us to do in person: use algorithms to recommend people you should meet. When building out your profile, the more information you enter about your skills and interests, the better the matchmaking algorithm performs. You then make the connection requests, after which you can trade emails, simple chat messages, or full video calls as shown here.

Everything is Live

No pre-records at the Summit: all seminars and keynotes will be delivered live and you can interact with our presenting team through a fully hosted Chat panel. Our meeting hosts will make sure that all questions and comments are read, acknowledged, and acted upon. They will put relevant questions to the presenters live and in the moment, and they will seek out recurrent themes so that we can create discussion groups for them or find members of our presenting team to craft mini seminars. Click the image to see the detail of our seminar environment.

Our operators are not standing by. You don’t need them — just touch one of these buttons…

No hand sanitizers needed, masks optional, no distancing required.

Our Partners are at Your Service

Feast upon a full house of third-party providers of goods and services. Visit the virtual exhibit hall, watch demos, download swag, chat live with reps, make appointments, all on your time. And if you have a product or service you want to get before this audience, visit our Partnerships page for complete details on aggressively priced promotion and branding opportunities.

You’ll Eat Well

We pride ourselves on our food and beverage choices at our physical conference venues, but that’s just it — they are our choices. This year, you get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Bring popcorn into the keynotes, crinkle candy wrappers in our seminars, eat your lunch as loudly as you want, and pour yourself a glass of wine for the Trivia Contest or Guru Session. Your house, your rules.

All Year Long

If you missed a session that sounded good, you won’t have to wait long. Recorded versions of seminars will be made available within hours of their live airings. They will be married with the original Chat history, so you can see what people were thinking at the time, and you can actually continue the Chat thread. The seminars will be joined by our virtual exhibit hall, and the AI-driven connection engine will continue to function after the conference is over. In sum, the entire conference venue will remain intact for the rest of 2020 and even into the first part of 2021! Your colleagues can register for and attend the Summit throughout the fall and early winter. No FOMO for our peeps.

What are you waiting for??

You will not find a more targeted and effective avenue for learning, networking, and just plain being with a group of passionate and like-minded souls. Even as a virtual event, you will feel the magic of a group of professionals with the same hopes, visions, and aspirations as you. The Presentation Summit created this wonderful community and we're not about to let a lousy virus get in the way of our continuing to foster it. Join us, August 10-13, and see for yourself.