Take a vacay with your
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Join Rick & Becky Altman
on the Summit Cruise

April 2-9, 2017
Seven nights on the Caribbean

The Summit Cruise • Apr 2-9, 2017 • 925.398.6210
cruising@altman.comReserve a stateroom now

The Summit Cruise • Apr 2-9, 2017
Reserve a stateroom now

The 411
  • Seven nights in the Western Caribbean
  • Departing Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • Sailing on the Celebrity Silhouette
  • Daily instruction, scheduled around ship excursions and activities

Description of ship and itinerary

  • Interior staterooms: ~$800
  • Ocean view (no balcony): ~$1,100
  • Veranda rooms with balcony: ~$1,300 – 1,650
  • Concierge class: ~$1,450 – 1960

    (Prices are for double-occupancy and subject to change)

Descriptions of staterooms

The more, the merrier

The more rooms we book in our group, the more we each save. Book ASAP to lock in current rates.

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The Background

The Background


“Let’s do this every year!”

When conference buddies Rick, Becky, Jennifer and Mike Parkinson took a cruise in February of 2016, they had such a good time, they knew they had stumbled onto something. Coupled with Rick’s long-standing desire to blend work with play, the notion of a conference cruise was born.

Let’s be clear right away that this is not instead of a 2017 conference. Our 2017 conference will be at a hotel, as always. This would be in addition to that. It would be an opportunity for the conference community to take a vacation together, meet spouses, enjoy a wonderful week in a sunny climate, and yes, have an opportunity for continuing education.

If you have never cruised before, it is a wonderful lifestyle. All of your meals are included in the cost of the cruise and you can pretty much eat 24×7. There is myriad of shipboard recreation, fantastic entertainment every evening, a full-service spa, onboard casino, movie theaters, and a host of other things you would not expect to find on a floating vessel. You pack and unpack only once and yet you get to visit five exotic locales, each offering unique experiences and excursions. In addition to the typical cruise activities of eating, drinking, lounging, touring, and playing:

  • We would offer daily learning events — about an hour a day, scheduled around ports of call.
  • We would hold formal “networking events,” in the bars and lounges around the ship.
  • With as few as eight staterooms booked, we would qualify for credits and rebates. We are already up to five, so the prospects are good that the rates shown above will actually drop a bit.

There would be a legitimate path to your writing off a measurable percentage of the expenses, but the key to making this work is your seeing it first as a vacation and second as a learning or networking opportunity.

And this vacation is one on which you would want to bring your spouse, partner, BFF, sibling, offspring, etc., or a colleague or conference buddy with whom you would be willing to share a smallish room and bathroom — the above rates are all double-occupancy; a single stateroom on a cruise ship is available but more expensive.

Rick and Becky are already booked and so are four other groups. If you have earnest interest in joining us, start the ball rolling by filling out this interest form. We will then provide you with an 800 number to call and our Group ID so you can reserve your room.

The Summit Cruise • Apr 2-9, 2017 • 925.398.6210
cruising@altman.comReserve a stateroom now

The Summit Cruise • Apr 2-9, 2017
Reserve a stateroom now