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A once every 20 years sweepstakes

Register before June

The first 100 people to register for the in-person conference receive a copy of Nolan Haims’ Better Deck Deck (choice of print, PDF, or PowerPoint source files). 

The first 100 people to register for the virtual conference receive six months free of Mike Parkinson’s Build-a-Graphic add-in.


You are automatically entered into the largest drawing we will have ever held: Three separate prizes, each worth over $1,000

Only one entry per person, so your odds of winning will be no worse than 3 out of 200 (and they might be better).

Tune in June 6

And see if you win: 1) Full conference passport plus all three Sunday courses; 2) the PressIT Wireless Presentation System by Panasonic; 3) A bundle of products and services, headlined by a 12-month subscription to Training Mag Network, worth in total over $1,000.

Three incredible prizes to be awarded

Full conference passport, Oct 10-12, and all three crash courses on Sunday Oct 9. Up to $2,000 in value.

The PressIT Wireless Presentation System by Panasonic, allowing easy screen collaboration with the touch of a single button. A $1,200 value.

The PressIT Wireless Presentation System by Panasonic, allowing easy screen collaboration with the touch of a single button. A $1,200 value.

Massive gift basket: a year of Training Mag Network MembershipPlus; a year subscription or extension with the Presentation Guild; Logitech Spotlight Remote; four best-selling books from Presentation Summit authors; and more.

How it works

In order to enter the sweepstakes, register for the conference in April or May —get signed up and paid up before June 1. You need to be one of the first 100 people to register either as a roomie or a Zoomie (i.e. sign up to attend the in-person event or the virtual event).

Once you do, you will receive one of two valuable products from Summit design experts: roomies get Nolan Haims’ Better Deck Deck, and Zoomies receive Mike Parkinson’s Build-a-Graphic add-in. This is not a drawing, every single one of these first 200 people receive one or the other.

This automatically enters you into the drawing for the three grand prizes, and if you win the conference passport, your registration fee is immediately refunded to you.

Thanks to our wonderful partners!

The benefactors of this historic sweepstakes read like a who’s who of people and organizations that have contributed directly to the Presentation Summit’s unprecedented success over the years. We are grateful to all of them. Touch each graphic to visit their respective web sites


Makers of PressIT, the wireless presentation system

Training Mag Network

International leaders in virtual webinar training

Nolan Haims

Designer of the Better Deck Deck

Mike Parkinson

Developer of the Build-A-Graphic add-in


Makers of NX PowerLite and Slidewise

Echo Swinford & Julie Terberg

Authors of Building PowerPoint Templates

John Chen

Author of Engaging Virtual Meetings

The Presentation Guild

Advocates and champions for the industry

Glenn Gibson

Author of Before the Mic

The Fine Print

1. Contest and sweepstakes runs through June 3 with drawings taking place on Monday, June 6.

2. The first 100 people to secure their registration for the virtual conference and the first 100 people to secure registration for the in-person conference are automatically entered into the Sweepstakes.

Securing a registration means paying for the conference or submitting a company purchase order.

3. The drawing will begin on June 6 and winners will be notified via email and mobile phone, if possible. Winners will have 24 hours to respond.

4. The first name drawn gets his or her choice of the three prizes offered; the second name gets to choose between the two remaining; and the third receiving the remaining prize.

5. If we cannot reach a winner within 24 hours, another name will be drawn and that person notified.

6. If you are the winner of a free pass to the conference, your registration payment will be immediately refunded to you.

7. If the winner of the Mega Gift Basket resides overseas, prize donors reserve the right to provide electronic versions of product. 

8. Those signing up for the in-person conference and receiving the Better Deck Deck will hOn site o virtual prizee their choice of one of three versions: PDF, original slide deck, or physical copy to be picked up at the conference.

9. Those signing up for the virtual conference will receive Build-A-Graphic electronically.

10. Odds of winning are no lower than 3 out of 200. If fewer people than 100 register for either part of the conference, the odds of winning increase.