What you (have not yet) missed at the 2023 Presentation Summit

In the afterglow of a profoundly well-received virtual event, recordings of all proceedings available until October 2024

Organizers of Season No. 21 of the Presentation Summit might tell you that it felt like it went on forever. At the same time, the conference experience is just getting started, thanks to the Summit Replay, available now for online viewing. It represents the most ambitious library of video recordings the Summit has ever produced.

“It would not surprise me if registrations for the Replay surpass registrations for the two live events combined,” notes conference host Rick Altman. “That’s how compelling and robust the library is.”

Altman refers to the Zoom-based cloud recordings, boasting the following features:

  • Toggle between Speaker and Gallery views, on demand
  • Enable/disable closed captions
  • Option to view highlights instead of full seminars
  • Each session divided into sections with quick-jump navigation between them
  • Option to view full audio transcript
  • Access to the Zoom chat module
  • Full search capability through the transcript or the chat

A year’s access for just $395

Every keynote, every seminar, and the Trivia Contest, too

Over 20 hours of instruction were captured in expertly produced Zoom meetings, including three keynote addresses, two featured performance exercises, a full track of design workshops, and a track of technical sessions.

Dr. Temple Grandin holding a lively Q&A.

Julie Terberg wows her crowds with elegant before-and-after showcases.

Enjoy instant access

Nolan Haims shares how his childhood passion for magic informed his love for presentation design.

Rick Altman shows how we can leverage the killer app of the 2020s: artificial intelligence.

Watch this seminar for free

The annual Trivia Contest and its lively and hilarious round of “reverse charades.”

Twelve months of access
Watch, rewatch, pause, rewind, slow down, speed up. For an entire year.

Access to supporting files
Download companion files, full of notes, handout material, and demo and example files.

Extraordinary value
This unique learning opportunity is available to you for just $395.

Get access now!

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