Presentation Summit Moves to Summer, Heads to Seattle

Garr Reynolds to headline 2020 event, Aug 9-12

In a move sure to delight teachers across the country, the 18th rendition of the annual Presentation Summit moves up a full season to be held for the first time ever during the middle of summer, August 9-12 near Seattle WA.

Headlining the event will be Garr Reynolds, one of the most acclaimed and iconic figures in the presentation space. His book, Presentation Zen, is one of the most widely-read works that the industry knows.

“We have been hoping to get Garr for over 10 years,” notes Rick Altman, the host and chief organizer of the conference, “and this particular effort was 18 months in the making. We knew he has roots in the Pacific Northwest, and if we could get away from his school schedule, we had a chance.”

A professor at Gaidai University in Kyoto Japan, Reynolds is unable to travel to the States in the early fall when the Summit normally takes place. Reynolds has appeared remotely on several occasions, more than once doing so in the middle of his night. “While I have enjoyed appearing as a large head in the conference ballroom,” jokes Reynolds, “I have always wanted to attend the conference in person. I could tell from my remote appearances, the spirit and energy of the event is just incredible.”

The planets aligned even further. “With the Summer Olympics coming to Japan in 2020, it seems like a pretty good time to get away for a few weeks.” Indeed, Garr will be bringing his entire family with him, wife and two kids.

Reynolds will deliver the opening keynote on Monday, Aug 10 and return on Aug 11 for a live Q&A session. “I am particularly gratified that he is not just going to blow in, talk, and leave,” notes Altman. “He’ll spend the better part of two days with us, and that means he’ll be able to attend the Guru Session in person!” Altman refers to the traditional Monday night informal gathering that often runs until midnight, at which Reynolds has appeared remotely more than once.

Is the date change a one-off? “Let’s see how this one goes,” says Altman in his best P.R. voice. “After 18 years, we’re allowed a few surprises, yes?”

The Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, home of the 2020 Presentation Summit.

Altman is almost as excited by the venue, a brand-new Hyatt Regency, a bit south of downtown Seattle. “We have never been in a property as new, as state-of-the-art, and as drop-dead gorgeous as this one,” he notes. It offers the perfect formula for us — relatively few guest rooms and lots of meeting space.”

Located in the town of Renton, the Hyatt sits on the shore of Lake Washington, and all of its 347 rooms have lake views. Altman acts like a kid in a candy store when describing the meeting space. “We will take over an entire floor of meeting rooms, with lots of creative spaces. In addition to our traditional Conference Central and our three breakout rooms, there are several small spaces, a boardroom, and an outdoor courtyard. It will be like a village. There’s even a gourmet kitchen…not sure yet what we’ll do with that.”

Registration for 2020 is open now, and those who are able to register in 2019 can do so at 2019 pricing.



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