IN-PERSON: Oct 20-23
VIRTUAL: Nov 3-6

Thank you!

Our offices will be closed from Apr 18 through May 4, and because our confirmation emails are sent by humans, not robots, you will not receive one right away. Please rest assured, however, that your seat at the conference is safe and sound and we will officially confirm that upon our return in early May.

  • Read the conference’s Code of Conduct policy.
  • Changes: You can change from virtual to in person and 100% of your conference fee will be applied. You can change from in person to virtual and the difference in fee will be refunded to you, less any cancellation fees owed, as noted below.
  • CANCELLATIONS: 80% refund given if cancellation is received in writing more than 21 days before event; 40% refund if between 14 and 21 days before event; no refund within 14 days of event. (in-person) or seven days (virtual). Substitutions of people and switching to another year are always welcome.