IN-PERSON: Oct 20-23
VIRTUAL: Nov 3-6

Your Spring Fling

Register for the conference before July 1 and avail yourself of the following valuable goods and services, provided by our team of experts. Click each title for details on what you get.

You get all of these...

  1. Insider Secrets: Ilene Bergelson's audio coaching program. ($295 value)
  2. The Sucks Book: A copy of Rick Altman's "Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck," your choice of PDF or Kindle. (This is a $19.95 value.)
  3. Best Practices: A digital copy of Chantal Bossé's new book, "Microsoft PowerPoint Best Practices" ($24.95 value)

Pick two of these...

  1. Free Sunday Crash Course: Sign up for one of our two optional two-hour workshops and get the second one on the house. ($95 value)
  2. Free slide makeover: Get a professional critique from the acclaimed slideologist Jody Wissing. ($195 value)
  3. PowerPoint Mastery: Get three months of access to all of Nuts & Bolts Training's courses, including the best-selling "PowerPoint 3X." ($99 value)
  4. The Better Deck Deck: Free copies of the PDF and PowerPoint source file versions of Nolan Haims’s uber-popular tool for creating slides without bullet points. ($65 value)
  5. The Reluctant Guide: Stephy Hogan's exciting new book, "The Reluctant Designer's Guide to PowerPoint." ($49.99 value)
  6. Speaking Story: Sally Zimney's new book on becoming a better storyteller. ($26.95 value)

Get automatically entered to win one of these...

  1. A bounty of brilliance from Nigel: A bundle of all four of Nigel Holmes' works, all in full color, all signed, all mailed directly to you. ($100 value)
  2. Private coaching: Win a 30-minute consultation with Yulia Barnakova. ($250 values.)
  3. Private coaching: Win a 30-minute consultation with Ilene Bergelson. ($300 values.)
  4. Be a star on the Presentation Podcast: Be the featured guest with Troy & Lori Chollar of TLC Creative Services for a presentation conversation at the No. 1 rated podcast in the presentation category. (Priceless!)