All Expenses Paid Trip to Summit Up for Grabs

San Diego Sweepstakes
Worth Over $4,500

In its 16-year history, the Presentation Summit has offered plenty of drawings for free passes. This summer, however, lays waste to the entire landscape of Summit giveaways with the San Diego Sweepstakes, worth over $4,500. For the month of June, and in conjunction with its promotional partner eLearningArt, the conference will be awarding: 1) A full-conference passport, valued at $1,595; 2) Four nights lodging at the host hotel, worth over $700; 3) Travel voucher of $500; and 4) Premium membership at eLearningArt (over $2,000).

The drawing is open throughout all of June and participants can earn multiple entries by sharing the entry link with others. The winner will be announced by July 5, as will one first runner-up, who will receive a free conference admission, and five second runners-up, each of whom will receive a $250 discount off of admission.

“This is by far the biggest giveaway we have ever attempted,” notes conference host and organizer Rick Altman, who was actually vacationing on Maui when the sweepstakes started and promoted the event from the beach. “We are grateful to our friends at eLearningArt for providing the initial push, as well as resources and enthusiasm.”

eLearningArt is no rookie to joint promotions, having staged many over the last several years, but nothing quite this large. “I run a small company,” says Bryan Jones, the CEO and founder, “and I look for win-wins. But in this case, it’s a win-win-win-win, as the giveaway benefits my audience, the conference audience, the conference organizers, and us. There is no downside.”

Certainly not for the winner, as he or she will attend the conference essentially for free. The only out-of-pocket expense would be international travel or domestic flights that exceed $500. Beyond that, just a couple of dinners, as the conference hosts most of your meals. And there is no downside for eLearningArt either, as the company has begun a recent effort to expand its library of presentation elements — photos, objects, and templates. “Our libraries are focused on storytelling and imagery,” notes Jones, “and we know that those are important qualities for good presentation.”

“Most people who come to presentation do so without a formal background in the arts,” says Altman, “so anything that can help people think more graphically and become more comfortable with visual storytelling, that will be a very good thing. The Summit has been helping people develop those skills for 16 years, and it is gratifying to have found a partner with these same priorities.”

For complete information about the sweepstakes, and the conference in general, visit the conference website, or go straight to the sweepstakes entry page. The contest is open now and will remain so until 5:00p PDT on July 5.

Visit eLearningArt at

Visit the conference website at

Enter the sweepstakes at

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