Oh, the Pain…

This is an excerpt from the soon-to-be-released third edition of Rick Altman’s provocatively-titled book on presentation best practices. Available by mid-June in paperback, PDF, ePub, and Kindle. You can learn more about it at the BetterPresenting website. THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT PESSIMISM, despite the somewhat bawdy title. In fact, I would argue that this […]

The 2012 Design-a-Template Contest

American Idol Meets Slide Design As the Presentation Summit enters its tenth season, we continue the happy tradition of our Design-a-Template contest. From several dozen entries, we will award a trip to the conference (Oct 7-10, Scottsdale AZ) to the person whose work is chosen as most appropriate to serve as the conference template. For […]

The Yin and the Yang of the Presentation Summit

With less than a month now before the ninth annual Presentation Summit, Sep 18-21 in Austin TX, here is our official yin/yang guide to the conference, showcasing the interesting and eclectic duality in our lineup this year: YIN: Julie Terberg returns for her incredible makeover sessions, creating something wonderful from something…less than wonderful. YANG: Sandra […]

The Magic of the Makeover

Before-and-after sessions a perennial conference favorite Now in its ninth season, the Presentation Summit has offered seminars and workshops on such far-reaching topics as software automation, simultaneous projection on multiple screens, presenting in non-native languages, and dealing with unfriendly audiences. Since its inception in 2003, however, no seminar topic has been more popular than the […]

Design-a-Template Contest: We have a winner!

If you are a supporter of ours, you would say that we enrich the community with our annual contest in which we invite the public to design the template for the Presentation Summit. If you are a critic, you might accuse us of being lazy and having you do our work for us. We’re good […]

Three Words…For a Fourth Time

I was asked to debut the Outstanding Presentations webinar series that Ellen Finkelstein is hosting across the next eight weeks, and over 500 people couldn’t find anything better to do with their time than to listen to me. It was a very good experience for me for several reasons—chief among them the importance of learning […]

Outstanding Presentation Webinar Series

The Outstanding Presentations Webinars Begin September 15 Free eight-week series showcases a who’s who in the industry What’s the next best thing to a live conference? A free webinar series that features the best of the best. Get your questions answered from top presentation, PowerPoint, and speaking experts by joining on to the Outstanding Presentations […]

Comfort Zones are Overrated

This is the greeting that I offered in the published proceedings from last year’s conference. In the run-up to this year’s [intlink id=”415″ type=”page”]Presentation Summit[/intlink], we think it makes for interesting reading… My daughter Jamie is a capable and confident softball player, having just completed a third consecutive all-star season. This fall, she tried out […]

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Presentation Summit

With apologies to David Letterman, here is the Top Ten List of reasons to attend the 2010 Presentation Summit, the preeminent conference for presentation professionals, to be held Oct 17-20 in beautiful and sunny San Diego. 1. INCREDIBLE LEARNAGE: You can’t possibly imagine how much you’ll learn at this conference, with dedicated tracks of seminars […]

Images by Committee

There will be times in the life of any content creator when the desired image doesn’t exist and needs to be created. Those are the times when it’s good to know about objects—photographic images that consist only of a central foreground object, removed entirely from its background. Our quest is to create an image of […]