Thriving with Animation

Animation might be single-handedly responsible for more PowerPoint annoyance than all the other annoyances combined. Between Edward Tufte and Dilbert creator Scott Adams, PowerPoint animation is publicly flogged more often than our politicians are. And at the same time, when done correctly, animation isn’t noticed at all. It’s not unlike being a major league baseball […]

7,000 miles away…feels just like home

I am enjoying my first-ever trip to Scandinavia, having been asked by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Norway to give a one-day workshop on presentation skills. It stays light until past 11p in Oslo this time of year — which is just as well, seeing how it felt like I began the workshop […]

Pretty Slides = Good Presentation…NOT.

Forgive the radio silence over the past four weeks; I have been busier than ever before. I was involved extensively with a defense contractor that I an not allowed to identify, a pharmaceutical company that I am (Bristol-Myers Squibb), a foreign country that I cannot name, and an upcoming trip to one that I can (Norway). In all […]

American Idol Meets Slide Design

As our annual user conference enters its seventh season, it also begins the fifth iteration of the Design-a-Template contest. From several dozen entries, we will award a trip to the event (Oct 11-14, Atlanta GA) to the person whose work is chosen as most appropriate to serve as the conference template. Over the past four […]

Who's Going Mobile?

With my daughter’s all-consuming bat mitzvah now in our rear-view mirror, I will return, with renewed vigor, to semi-regular blog postings. Let’s see if I can actually accomplish bi-weekly… __________________ For the second edition of what we affectionately refer to now as my Sucks book, I would like to hear from PowerPoint users who are […]

Can you tell your story with no text at all?

The other day I was working with a client on a presentation that had to be less than 10 minutes, and he was frustrated with the challenge of creating slide content for a talk so brief. I said one thing to him that became a bit of a sea change. “Why don’t you forget entirely […]

Hillary Clinton Commits Death by PowerPoint

As part of her narrative on being the more electable candidate, the campaign for Senator Hillary Clinton distributed a PowerPoint slide deck to Democratic members of the House of Representatives, to be viewed, she hoped, by many uncommitted superdelegates. I wish she had hired me as her presentations coach — at a minimum, I would […]