What the f— do we do with all this s—??

Public profanity is a new phenomenon and I can’t quite decide if it is a nadir or a zenith. Perhaps it is both, and as such, it has fascinating implications for anyone involved in public presentation.

Found in Translation

I have colleagues who specialize in helping people communicate in languages other than their own. I know experts in this field, and I can say without equivocation that I am not one of them. I am pretty good at using words like equivocation in my native tongue, but when it comes to the finer points of communication across cultural divides, well…my daughters would tell you I don’t even know how to speak to millennials.

All Expenses Paid Trip to Summit Up for Grabs

San Diego Sweepstakes Worth Over $4,500 In its 16-year history, the Presentation Summit has offered plenty of drawings for free passes. This summer, however, lays waste to the entire landscape of Summit giveaways with the San Diego Sweepstakes, worth over $4,500. For the month of June, and in conjunction with its promotional partner eLearningArt, the […]

The Magic of the Makeover

It’s often said that a golfer’s favorite word is “mulligan.” If you’re not familiar, that’s when you hit a dreadful shot, usually into a forest or a lake, and simply drop a second ball at your feet and proclaim, “that one didn’t count.” You then hit again and go on your merry way, happy to […]

Presentation Summit News: NBA Finals Edition

It’s 11:00p at night and my hometown basketball team has just won a second championship in three years. I should be partying, celebrating, or at least watching Sports Center. But no. Instead, I’m at my keyboard, writing to you about the Presentation Summit, our annual conference. Why am I being so pathetic?? Indeed, this Warriors […]

The Summit and the Guild: Match Made in Heaven?

Attend the conference, join the Guild for free Two organizations with arguably the most passion for the presentation experience are joining forces, as the longest-running conference for the industry, the Presentation Summit, and the Presentation Guild, the newest voice for the community, announced a strategic partnership for 2017. The benefits to the end-user community are […]

Are Protesters like Presenters?

If so, they are failing I grew up near Stanford University in the 1960s and I remember my mother taking me on campus for protests and marches against our country’s involvement in the Vietnam War. She likes to tell the story of one late-October gathering in which the chant of “Peace now” gradually morphed into […]

What You Can Learn from the Jewish Holidays

I start with a few provisos. First, I recognize that a high percentage of my readership subscribes to a faith other than Judaism or subscribes to no faith at all. Second, the Jewish High Holidays — marked by Rosh Hashanah (the new year) and then 10 days later Yom Kippur (day of atonement) — are […]

Sunni Brown Joins the 2016 Presentation Summit team

Which would you rather be grouped into: the 100 most creative people in business or the 10 most creative people on Twitter. If you are Sunni Brown, you are in both of those camps, and she will be bringing all of that creativity to the Presentation Summit this year, as the Tuesday morning keynote speaker. […]