Leadership Workshop Offers Hope and Optimism

Once a year, I participate in Leadership Santa Clara, a wonderful initiative that many cities (not just Santa Clara) conduct in order to seek out and cultivate local leaders in city government and community endeavors. This six-month program, led by SAE Communications, explores governance, volunteerism, environment, media, health, culture, and business communication with bi-weekly gatherings […]

All Expenses Paid Trip to Summit Up for Grabs

San Diego Sweepstakes Worth Over $4,500 In its 16-year history, the Presentation Summit has offered plenty of drawings for free passes. This summer, however, lays waste to the entire landscape of Summit giveaways with the San Diego Sweepstakes, worth over $4,500. For the month of June, and in conjunction with its promotional partner eLearningArt, the […]

The Magic of the Makeover

It’s often said that a golfer’s favorite word is “mulligan.” If you’re not familiar, that’s when you hit a dreadful shot, usually into a forest or a lake, and simply drop a second ball at your feet and proclaim, “that one didn’t count.” You then hit again and go on your merry way, happy to […]

Presentation Summit News: NBA Finals Edition

It’s 11:00p at night and my hometown basketball team has just won a second championship in three years. I should be partying, celebrating, or at least watching Sports Center. But no. Instead, I’m at my keyboard, writing to you about the Presentation Summit, our annual conference. Why am I being so pathetic?? Indeed, this Warriors […]

The Summit and the Guild: Match Made in Heaven?

Attend the conference, join the Guild for free Two organizations with arguably the most passion for the presentation experience are joining forces, as the longest-running conference for the industry, the Presentation Summit, and the Presentation Guild, the newest voice for the community, announced a strategic partnership for 2017. The benefits to the end-user community are […]

Happy Accidents with Triggers

You never know what you might discover when you thought you were looking for something else. One of our more loyal Presentation Summit attendees, Mary Hampton, had a recent dilemma and she came to us in search of a solution. On a map of the United States, she prepared information boxes for states that were […]

PowerPoint 2016: A tale of adjectives

Modern journalism is replete with examples of misused and overhyped ajdectives, so I want to make it clear that I thought long and hard about the ones I am about to offer to sum up my thoughts about the new version of PowerPoint. Version 2016 of PowerPoint is wonderfully exciting in its promise for better […]

The Magic of the Makeover

Across 13 years of hosting the Presentation Summit, we have offered up over 800 individual topics for exploration, learning, and discussion. But nothing is quite like the makeover, several of which we conduct each year in one form or another. The presentation makeover is, at the same time, inspiring and discouraging, riveting and risky, insightful […]

What Does “Design” Mean, Anyway?

Every year during and after the Presentation Summit, a fascinating exchange of ideas takes shape. This happens without fail — in the hallways and ballrooms during the days of the conference, in the lounge after hours, and in the post-conference evaluations that we read. This year’s discussion took its most salient turn with two observations […]

Surviving Handout Hell

The height of my client-visiting season is May through August when I visit or connect remotely with dozens of client sites and meet with many hundreds of people. Almost to a person, the following two statements hold true: The biggest issue that presentation designers and content creators face is placing too much text on a […]