Secrets to Visual Thinking Revealed at the Presentation Summit

The announcement of Temple Grandin's appearance at the conference has been met with tremendously positive response. Dr. Grandin's work is groundbreaking, as is her NYT best-selling work "Visual Thinking: The hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions."

Register before Sep 21, receive free copy of Temple Grandin’s groundbreaking work

As the standard bearers for presentation best practices, few organizations are louder than the Presentation Summit on the importance of reducing the number of words shown during a talk and replacing them with imagery. It should surprise few people, therefore, that the announcement of Temple Grandin’s appearance at the conference has been met with tremendous positive response. Dr. Grandin’s work is groundbreaking, as is her NYT best-selling work “Visual Thinking: The hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions.”

“When I first met Temple,” recalls conference host and organizer Rick Altman, “a voice in my head refused to turn off — ‘get her to come to the conference!’ And when I perused her book, it was equally obvious that anyone who even considers coming to the Summit should regard it as required reading.”

Altman and team are delighted to make that happen for this year’s patrons: Every person who registers for the conference during the official days of Summer (before Sep 21) receives a free copy. Those attending in person will receive a printed copy on site in Monterey CA (or earlier with a bit of shipping and handling), and all those attending virtually will receive the Kindle version.

“I believe that visual thinking is an essential skill, not just for artists and designers, but for anyone who wants to be successful in the modern world,” says Grandin. “In my book ‘Visual Thinking,’ I provide practical advice on how to improve your visual thinking skills and use them to your advantage. By learning how to think visually, you can communicate more effectively, solve problems more creatively, and unlock your own hidden potential. I will hope to bring a bit of that to the Presentation Summit, as well.”

Dr. Grandin will speak at both events. She will headline a first-ever Sunday evening dinner/keynote to kick off the in-person experience on Oct 15, and then will headline Day Three of the virtual experience on Wed, Nov 8.

CLICK HERE for complete details about the conference, and then CLICK HERE to reserve your spot and claim your book.

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