The Art and Science of Motion

Animation without embarrassment

Is PowerPoint’s animation engine one of the finest works of digital engineering or one of the most loathsome creations? The real control is in the hands of the violinist, not the violin.

Take your pick, PowerPoint’s animation engine can be seen as one of the finest works of digital engineering ever…or as one of the most loathsome creations in history. Or both. That’s a pretty powerful software application that can evoke such a wide range of responses.

As always, the real control is in the hands of the violinist, not the violin, and the type of concerto that you choose to compose has everything to do with your ability to recognize the true purpose of animated objects in your presentation. This session will help you appreciate properly-conceived animation.

Highlights to include:

  • The power of movement, for better or for worse
  • When in doubt, use Wipe and Fade
  • Sequencing data chunks for better understanding
  • Creating trust with your audience

This session is for content creators and presenters who want to be smarter with their content delivery and create deeper bonds with their audiences.

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